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Roxy came to BRLA as an owner surrender with estimated DOB of October 2021.

TeamBRLA has been working with Roxy since her arrival in November 2022.  She is a ball of energy and the more she is able to release that energy through exercise and engagement the better behaved she becomes. She can now walk on a leash better with focus on handler. She is extremely treat motivated and is willing to work for food.  She has finally made some canine friends with the guidance of her trusted BRLA handlers. She loves working with our team and they love working with Roxy

Upon arrival at BRLA her complete lack of social exposure cause her to lash out in fear and insecurity. She was extremely reactive to dogs and people she saw outside. She is a big strong young lady and her lunges nearly pulled volunteers off their feet.  She would get so overwhelmed and overstimulated that she demonstrated the desire to "transfer"; where a dog gets so worked up over something they see and if they cannot get to the target they snap at anything nearby. 

Roxy is extremely treat motivated and our team is very determined. Step by step we started to see improvement with Roxy. She was getting used to the outside work and was beginning to trust and gain some confidence.  She is definitely a work in progress and has a lot more to learn. But she has taken the first steps. 

After months of social and confidence building, Roxy finally trusted that all was okay and walked with another Boxer. He was the most calm and most balanced candidate for her to get her social training wheels with.  She now has many walking partners at BRLA.  Roxy can still be reactive to other dogs so her future will be training and more training until she loses her edge.  She can also still be reactive to strangers out in the world. A skilled confident owner she can grow to trust will help alleviate this unwanted behavior. 

Considering her previous attempts to "transfer" when in a reactive state, an adult only home is best. Being the only dog in the home will give Roxy the time to continue training and gaining social skills with dogs out in the world.  

Roxy is approaching a year at BRLA. Now almost 2 years old she has improved in our predictable environment and handling skills but the impulses remain and her new home must have the skills and awareness to keep unwanted behaviors at bay.  She is  ready to bloom in the right home with the right skills for her. She is making up for lost time and we are seeing more and more of her silly side. 

Roxy was about one year old when surrendered by her owners. They purchased her from a breeder in Arizona. A Boxer puppy is a huge investment in time and training. Roxy unfortunately did not receive either. Due to a family member's allergic reaction to her she was mostly outside. We promised her family that we would help Roxy find the right home for a happy forever.  We have help her start to develop a foundation to which her new owner can continue to build on.  She is a project but will be well worth the effort


  • Have adopted an adult Boxer before
  • Have the advance training skills needed for social and confidence building. BAT or other positive methods
  • Have no other pets at home
  • Have no children at home
  • Have the time to fully engage with her and to be able to train daily.
  • Have a home with a yard for her stress free self service elimination needs. And Zoomies!
  • Live in a quieter area with fewer triggers (people & dogs) to allow her to build trust.
  • Have the positive outlook and ultimate leadership that will lift up this deserving young girl. 

  • Female
  • Youth 2 to 5 years
  • Fawn
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Don't Like Dogs
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