We at Boxer Rescue LA (BRLA) know you may not have come to this decision lightly. Your Boxer may have been a part of your home, your family and your life.  Before you surrender your family member, please take a moment to consider some options that may help you keep your family intact and to understand how a rescue like BRLA works.

This information is not provided to discourage you nor to judge you, but only to make sure you have all the resources and information available to you prior to surrendering your Boxer.


Human Animal Support Services

Search for free or low cost Pet Support Services like Veterinary Care, Pet Food Pantries, Temporary Pet Care and more.


If you are experiencing economic or housing issues there are numerous agencies that specialize in finding pet friendly rentals. To our knowledge there is no state that does not allow a family member (your dog) to move with you.

Please consult these resources before moving away and leaving your Boxer behind:

For Pet Friendly Housing  CLICK HERE


Is your Boxer intact?

First and foremost have you spayed or neutered your Boxer? This simple, cost effective procedure can make a world of difference in how your Boxer acts. Un-sterilized animals are driven by the urge to mate and will escape, can be aggressive and often act irrationally. Not only will sterilizing your pet make them a happier, calmer pet it will improve their overall health and lifespan. Please spay or neuter your Boxer before you must surrender.

Have you consulted a trainer?

Many problems that cause an owner to want to surrender their Boxer are easy fixes when a professional is consulted. A group class at your local pet supplier or a private trainer will train both you and your dog. You may be surprised to learn that the owner needs to be trained more than the dog. When you are communicating clearly with your pet on exactly what you want them to do - or not do – life becomes less of a struggle.

We know there are many specific issues that Boxer owners may be face with trying to correct. From experience we know that every problem has a solution if you get the help needed to solve that problem.

How about Exercise?

A tired dog is a happy, relaxed well behaved dog.  Many issues you may be experiencing could be the result of a frustrated dog.  Proper exercise provides not only physical but mental release for your Boxer.  Many people make the mistake of thinking a big back yard will do the trick. This is a total myth.  A Boxer will rarely get enough exercise alone in a back yard. They mostly want to be with their humans and walking together is the best possible exercise for the body and the mind. They crave outside stimulation.  If you have time restrictions or other circumstances that do not allow walks, consider training your Boxer to use a treadmill. It’s not hard to do and the end result will be worth the effort.

Have you considered a crate?

One of the most common situations that can create problematic dogs is too much freedom. A dog without structure, rules or discipline is not just spoiled; they can become possessive, aggressive and feel the need to control the home as the owners are not. Dog owners need to be the pack leaders, the dogs need to be the pack member and follow the rules. A crate is an excellent tool as it limits the dogs ability to control things like the front door, where they eliminate, how they interact with strangers and so many other things that can be a problem you feel is unsolvable. A crate is not punishment but a learning tool for your Boxer to become a better family member.

Is time a problem?

Many people say they don’t have time for their Boxer. Granted we wish all Boxer had families that were around 24/7 but that is unrealistic. A dog does not have the same sense of time that humans do. Many people think it’s cruel for a dog to stay home alone while they go to work. Provided the dog has access to a place to eliminate when necessary and always has fresh water they are mostly content to stay at home and await your company.

A walk before work and a walk in the evening can be enough for many dogs. For more active dogs you can hire a cost-effective dog walker or consider doggie day care.

Is your Boxer injured or seriously ill?

This is one of the hardest issues to deal with, both for your family, your beloved Boxer and the rescue. BRLA rescues Boxers from the streets and city shelters regardless of age or medical condition, provided they can have quality of life after medical treatment. The medical costs involved are astronomical and all funding has to be raised privately by donations and is never guaranteed.  It’s heartbreaking for us at BRLA, sometimes we can save them and provide quality of life, and others are too far gone for us to make a difference. Obviously, each situation is unique and is dealt with case by case. If you are in a situation where you have a seriously injured or terminally ill Boxer and feel you cannot care for the animal, you should consider how much more traumatized they would be left alone and scared at a rescue kennel. Often the kindest thing you can do for your injured or seriously ill dog is love them enough to let them go surrounded by the comforts they have known all their lives. To subject them to a kennel situation often exasperates their condition and many cannot endure the stress and will pass alone without your love.. All they want is love from you until the end, they do not care when the end comes…only that you are there to help them through it when the time comes.

Can You Work it Out?

We at BRLA have helped thousands of Boxer owners work through issues they felt were reason to surrender their family member.  We ask you to take a good honest look at why you are considering giving up your Boxer. We understand that not everyone has the time or the skills to work it out but wanted to give you helpful options. We are here to help you make the right decision and to provide any support we possibly can to assist your Boxer in keeping their home.  Of course if all else fails BRLA is there for your Boxer.

At Boxer Rescue LA

BRLA houses and cares for many boxers on a daily basic. BRLA is funded solely by private donations and keeping up with the cost of caring for so many dogs is a constant struggle. BRLA is meant to be a temporary housing until adoption but with so many homeless dogs sometimes it is not so temporary.

BRLA is kennel based, meaning all of our available dogs reside in our facility in the East San Fernando Valley. We have staff and volunteers that help our Boxers while they wait for adoption. But a kennel is still a kennel, a rescue is not a home.  Granted a rescue is always a better option that surrendering your Boxer to a city shelter where they may be adopted by someone who does not understand the Boxer breed or worse, euthanized when they need space.

Unlike city shelters where multiple dogs share runs and will often fight, resulting in serious injury, BRLA keeps each dog separate for their own safety. Unfortunately this is a very lonely existence for Boxers which are extremely social creatures.

BRLA takes every precaution to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses, but with so many dogs, coming from so many different locations it’s an ongoing battle. Many new dogs may contact kennel cough, giardia and other conditions which are spread in the air or by contact. They are treated medically but it’s harder to recover in a stressful situation.

BRLA works extremely hard in marketing all dogs to potential adopters and will place into appropriate pre-approved homes.  The truth is some dogs go quickly and other, especially older dogs, dogs with behavior issues, mixes and dogs with medical challenges can remain at BRLA for months and some times years.  A dog does not deserved to remain in a kennel for one moment longer than necessary. Adoptable dogs find great homes quickly through BRLA.

As a non-profit rescue we unfortunately do not have the resources to rehabilitated dogs with aggression issues. We cannot take in a dog that has little to no exit strategy.

We hope that we have provided you with helpful information to make a decision that is right for you and your Boxer.  If you feel that surrendering you Boxer is your only option, please proceed to our Surrender Form

Please note: Our ability to take owner surrenders is limited.

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