Founded in 1977, Boxer Rescue Los Angeles, a 501(c)3 non-profit, is driven by volunteers and committed to helping Boxers in need find loving homes and to help people looking to provide a home, find the perfect Boxer for them.



Boxer Rescue Los Angeles (BRLA) was founded by Ursula Sauthier in 1977. Starting as a one woman, effort finding homes for one Boxer at a time, BRLA has grown to an organization fueled by volunteers that help countless Boxers find their perfect homes. BRLA has a fully staffed kennel facility in East San Fernando Valley where available dogs reside. Potential adopters are scheduled to come to our facility to meet all available candidate and work with the BRLA adoption team to ensure a responsible lifetime match. Placing hundreds of Boxers annually, BRLA is proud to have helped tens of thousands of Boxers find their perfect home over four decades of service.

BRLA Boxers come either from shelters or from owners who can no longer care for them. While in the temporary care of BRLA, Boxers are provided safe housing, needed medical including but not limited to sterilization, vaccinations, microchip and their behavior and personalities observed for the most appropriate placement . With over four decades of experience Boxer Rescue LA has an incredible network and provides the highest level of service.

BRLA Management
  • Ursula Sauthier - Founder/CFO
  • Joni Conterno - President
  • Janet McBurney - Vice President
  • Mary Hirt - Treasurer



By David Jolovitz

It is often said that eyes are windows to the soul.

Perhaps with no other breed is that more evident than with Boxers. Boxers have no qualms about wearing their emotions on their sleeves, and make for very truthful companions. Their moods often suit those of the owners‘, as Boxers can look imposing to intruders, yet are very friendly to those they love. Throughout the Boxer’s storied history, the Boxer’s responsibilities have shifted somewhat from a once-proud hunting companion, to a fully capable family pet. Steadfast in its approach, a Boxer remains by its master’s side through thick and thin -- regardless of its task. Simply put, a Boxer’s pedigree is as rich as a dog enthusiast could hope for. Perhaps it is the Boxer’s personality that lends truth to the credo that a canine is man’s best friend. Behind those deep-set, curious brown eyes, lies undying loyalty, the incessant drive to please, and a healthy sense of humor. The distinguished face is made up of inquiring ears and a sturdy jaw that is supported by a strong, athletic neck. Whether they are in possession of cropped (standing upright), or naturally folded ears, they make for great listeners.

They walk with dignified grace, prance with the gaiety of a young child, and run with effortless beauty. They are remarkable creatures who, if given the chance, enrich the lives of all who know them. Full-grown male Boxers weigh between 65-75 lbs., while their female counterparts usually weigh between 50-60 lbs. Boxers’ coats, short-haired in length, come in three colors; fawn (or light brown), brindle (light brown with black markings), and white. However, apart from color, they are all bright, capable and  easily-trained. They love children, and are suitable roommates for other animals. Boxer adoption often yields unrivaled, rewarding relationships. Boxer owners, past and present, are quick to point out that in these relationships, there are plenty of smiles and great memories.
Answer the call and let a Boxer into your LIFE. Answer the call and let a Boxer into your HEART.

Is A Boxer Right For You?

We at Boxer Rescue LA think that Boxers are the best dogs in the world. If you are not familiar with the breed, let us give you the highlights to see if you are right for a Boxer:

Even though many people fall in love with Boxers for their wrinkly faces and droopy jowls, their personalities make it nearly impossible not to be impressed by a Boxer dog. Playful and clever, Boxers are patient with children and protective of their loved ones, making them a popular choice for families. They have an above average IQ, are extremely athletic, and while they love exercise and physical activity, they’re no strangers to the sofa.

Boxers can be as stubborn as they are smart which makes leadership and training important from owners. They crave the attention of their humans which can defy most personal space boundaries. A tired Boxer is a happy Boxer which means daily exercise and engagement in life is very important. Above all Boxers love their people.

To learn more about the Boxer breed, here are a couple of short video features

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