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Muncy arrived as just a baby. a big baby that needed a lot of help. He is now 2 years old.

His original  owner brought him home and instead of neutering him, his ears were cropped. He grew strong and muscled his way through life. He was reactive on walks to people and dogs and was extremely hard to handle. He came to BRLA and was neutered and then began the process of learning how to behave better. He would rise up and paw at you when attempting to put on a leash. Walking him was a nightmare as he was afraid of everything so he was reactive to people and dogs outside.  Slowly our team is  helping Muncy open up and learn how to be a dog. It’s a work in progress that will continue once home.  Off site field trips proved to be the most productive for Muncy and after months of working with him he finally has more confidence in the world. We are so proud of the hard work from our team and from Muncy! He is taking the right steps to learn how to behave around calm dogs. Baby steps for our special boy. He will need a home with the highest level of training ability and unwavering commitment to keep him on the positive track it has taken us so long to get him on. He can still be impulsively reactive to some dogs and some people.  Going home as the only pet in an adult only  home will give him the ability to focus on learning from his human. Of course a very balanced mentor dog could also be an option. A home with a yard is going to be best. A home that has a solid routine without a lot of coming and going to avoid reactivity to strangers or new things. Most important is that his  humans all need to be leaders and to focus on helping him continue to replace caution with curiosity in life.  
Muncy is a project but will be well worth the work  



  • Have adopted an adult Boxer before
  • Have a high level of training ability and time to invest in engagement to reduce reactivity. 
  • Be prepared to put in work on consistency and routine to help build confidence and balance. He will need decompression time.
  • Be a very strong leader. 
  • Adult only home is best
  • A mature very balanced mentor dog is a possible companion
  • Have a home with a yard, no apartment/condos which mean always being on leash to go outside to do his business.
  • Have a quieter solid routine without a lot of coming and going in the home. 

  • Male
  • Youth 2 to 5 years
  • White
  • I Don't Like Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
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