Corona Virus

Update –January 2021

With constantly changing information and directions from various levels of government, please know that our rescue is committed to keeping our dogs, volunteers and applicants safe. Here’s an update on our operations as the Corona-virus remains a risk.


  • Our facility is allowing limited pre-matched adoption appointments
  • Our Boxers faired well during our closure thanks to our amazing and dedicated staff.
  • There are very few new incoming Boxers to rescues. (good problem to have big picture 🙂
  • With fewer Boxers in rescue we will approach the resumption of adoptions based on pre-matching Boxer to potential adopters.
  • Many of our Boxers require very specific homes, which we know are out there. We have updated our screening/interviewing process to find the right fit in advance and to minimize exposure/risk upon introductions at BRLA.
  • Rescue may look different post C19 but our commitment is unchanged.


  • Already scheduled appointments that were confirmed prior to our closing on 3/20/20 will be first to be contacted to see if we have a Boxer that matches their needs. Very limited and highly regulated adoption appointments can take place outside our facility.
  • All applications submitted prior to our closing but not yet scheduled will be contacted next to see if we have a Boxer that matches their needs.
  • Any applications submitted after our closing on 3/20/20, received notice of the potential that we may not have a Boxer that fits their needs at that time.  We will reach out on a case by case basic should there be potential candidates.
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Stay safe and wash your paws

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