Hi! My Name Is RAIDER

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Bonded With: ROSIE

Raider and his sister Rosie lived with a family that had a toddler at home and just had a new baby. They are just a year old and they love each other. They enjoy playing together and sleeping in a crate together.  They came home as puppy and life got really challenging for their family with two small kids, work and there was little time left over for the pups. They love these two and want them to have the kind of home they deserve where they will get time and training. They are super fun loving but have had little to not training. They are catching on quick with TeamBRLA on the job but will need lots of guidance and boundaries to settle them into a good routine. They are working on leash manners and basic commands.  They are getting along well with nice dogs that are properly introduced. Their inexperience shows if left to their own devices.  A home that has the time and training experience will be best for this beautiful pair. They can be pretty jumpy and needy which will subside with training, attention and good leadership. 



  • Have adopted an adult Boxer before
  • Be prepared for double the fun and double the love with two boxers at home
  • Have training experience to catch them up on basics and confidence
  • Older kids recommended until their exuberance and need for attention keeps 4 on the floor. 
  • Have a private yard for their exclusive use. 

  • Male
  • Puppy 6 months - 2 years
  • Brindle
  • Active and Playful
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
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