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May 2023 - Milo voted BRLA Most Improved!

Milo came to us as an owner surrender. He is about 2-3 years old. His previous owner was a young guy living with his parents. When he went off to college the plan was for his girlfriend to bring Milo and they would all live together. That never happened so Milo ended up at BRLA.  He had very limited exposure to the outside world in his original home. Like a latch key kid, Milo was fearful and unsettled outside. He would over react to dogs or people and lose control of himself lashing out. At times he would even transfer to handlers leg.  

After 6 months working with our team at BRLA, Milo can now walk in the world with more confidence and less fearful reactivity.  He can even see dogs and people and keep moving forward.  Depending on the handler, and proximity to trigger, he can still be impulsive.  He has mastered his basic commands. 

Update: After 1 year of working hard with TeamBRLA, Milo has turned the corner and has built confidence and trust to no longer fear new people AND he has canine friends.  It's amazing to see the transformation process.  

Milo needs a very confident, very experienced human to keep him on track and take him to the well balanced finish line!  He has the potential to do so in the right hands. 

He now fully enjoys his walks, playtime and has become more curious than cautious. But if he sees a cat, all bets are off.  He does not like cats. 

His success depends on the experience and environment of his potential adopters. The most important factor is being totally committed to training and providing Milo with calm assertive leadership. 


  • Have adopted an adult Boxer before
  • Have no kid or other pets at home. 
  • Have behavior adjustment training to counter unwanted behaviors. 
  • Be an adult only home
  • Have a secure and private backyard for his exclusive use. 
  • Live in a less stimulating area to avoid constant triggers (dog walkers etc)

  • Male
  • Youth 2 to 5 years
  • Brindle
  • I Don't Like Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • I Don't Like Cats
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