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Luna is just one year old and she has never been given the opportunity to live a engaging life. She was kept outside, likely abused and had not had any interaction with other dogs or people. She was outside during the day and had to sleep outside alone as well. What happens to a dog that is not allowed to go out into the world....they are terrified of anything and everything new. Everything outside the walls of a backyard are new to Luna. She was approved to come to BRLA as an owner surrender but her family got lost and just dropped her at East Valley animal shelter instead. We got her out and she was terrified and extremely reactive. She has not been shown much love or kindness and is afraid and can be reactive to new people, especially men. She can be reactive to things that make her uncomfortable outside. BUT, give Luna the time to know you mean no harm and let her know you are calm assertive and she is all over you. Luna is going to need an VERY experienced owner capable of putting in the training time to help her navigate the outside world and to learn to trust and enjoy. There is a happy Boxer that has been locked up and just needs the right humans to let her be free to be herself and be loved. She needs a very experienced, very confident and very patient owner who has the time and talent to turn Luna around. Luna has made progress at BRLA but we cannot stress enough that she needs a home that will go slow with her to turn her fear reactivity to calm confidence . She is a LATCH KEY KID, meaning that she needs a home that is totally committed and has the training ability to take the time required with her to slowly and positively make her more comfortable and less reactive in the outside world. Luna will be a rewarding project dog for the right leader with the right skills. 


Please note that BRLA policy based on experience does not allow a female to be adopted into a home with another female dog already in residence.

  • Female
  • Youth 2 to 5 years
  • Brindle
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • I Don't Like Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
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