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Lola just turned 5 years old. She came to BRLA as an owner surrender. This nice couple took her in from a home that kept her and a French Bulldog as outside only dogs.  Once home and an inside dog, they noticed she had some resource guarding issues with food and high value items like their bed. They asked us to find her a home, but decided to continue working with Lola. After a number of months they worked out her resource challenged and made great progress with her out in the world.

At first she was very reactive to other dogs, since she had not been exposed to any. They lived in a high density apartment complex so there were dogs everywhere and it was an ongoing challengs. 

Lola managed to make some calm and balanced canine friends. She likes dogs best outside of her home and her possessions. 

Now at BRLA she can walk with balanced dogs but it is all dependent on the handler. A strong confident handler with a high skill set creates an easy going Lola. Less confident handlers will find a more reactive Lola. Lola is very focused on who she is with, which is an excellent trait for training. 

She knows her basic commands, has good leash skills and knows the "touch" command. Touch is a technique when she may become uncomfortable, the handler says "touch" and Lola focuses on touching the hand of her handler. This is an excellent positive redirection tool and Lola is very good at it. 

She is housebroken and will need a home that can work on leaving her alone more. She was not left alone much in the home of the couple that rescued her. 

Lola will do best in a home with a yard to prevent the apartment complex gauntlet situation that was a challenge for her possible leash reactivity. 

An adult only home will likely provide Lola with a stress free environment to completely settle into a great life. 


  • Have adopted an adult Boxer before
  • Have no other dogs at home
  • Have no kids (older teens would be okay)
  • Have a private and secure backyard space.
  • Have calm assertive energy to allow her to fully trust and gain self confidence. 
  • Have solid positive redirection training experience. 


  • Female
  • White
  • Not Tested With Kids
  • I Like Select Dogs
  • Not Tested With Cats
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