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Huey came to BRLA as an owner surrender times 2. He started his life in a home that crated him almost 24/7.  A cabinet working in that home noticed the big dog stuck in the crate (which was often soiled) and felt sorry for him. The cabinet workers son wanted to help this dog so they asked if they could have him. The son PROMISED to take care of him. They took him home but the son did not take care of him. Huey did graduate from a crate to a backyard but he lacked social engagement with the world. The cabinet maker met a BRLA adopter and that is how he came to us to find the right home. 

Huey is a big baby boy, almost 70 pounds and not quite a year old. 

His lack of experience in the world showed when he first arrived and met a new dog. He was insecure and could be defensive at first. Huey is a fantastic student. He is learning that dogs can be friends. He has more to learn but we see his world opening up and he is enjoying being with balanced dogs. It’s like he is finally getting to be the puppy he never had the chance to be  

He is so sweet with people.  He can be a little possessive of toys so no small children.  He loves toys! 

He is doing so much better with other dogs but we feel he should also be the only dog in the home so that his trusted human can continue his socialization with others out in the world. It's baby steps for our Baby Huey.  

In an experienced home, willing to put in the work, Huey will become a stable trusted canine.He has come so far during his time at BRLA. He’s learning to be a dog!  


  • Have adopted an adult Boxer before
  • Have experience in confidence building training
  • Have no small children in the home
  • Have no other dogs in the home to start 
  • Have a home with a secure private backyard for his exclusive use. 

  • Male
  • Puppy 6 months - 2 years
  • 61 - 70 Pounds
  • Brindle
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Like Select Dogs
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