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Duncan lived in a home full of Boxers. When that home was no longer an option, the dogs needed our help to find new forever homes. Duncan is about 3 years old and sweet as can be. He was not walked in the outside world in his home, but at BRLA, that's what we do! Duncan is loving going on walks and is wonderful on leash. He enjoys an adventure and loves his people to pieces.  He walks with other Boxers at BRLA but does not always want to share with new dogs. He loves his toys and can be a little protective of them.  His fetching skills are as good as they get. He is equally good with cuddles.  

He was used to someone being around the home all the time and would probably love that again. His tail goes about 100 MPH so be ready for some amazing butt wiggles with Duncan the Love Bug!


  • Have adopted an adult Boxer before
  • Have training skills to continue his outside confidence building
  • A home with older kids to avoid any resource guarding
  • If another dog at home, have the skills to prevent resource guarding

  • Male
  • Youth 2 to 5 years
  • Fawn
  • I Like Kids Over 10
  • I Like Select Dogs
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