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Darla is maybe 2 years old. Maybe younger. She came from the Coachella shelter. We think she was there with her companion as we had agreed to rescue both her and him but she was adopted to the public. Her friend came to BRLA and was adopted.  The person that adopted her from the shelter, did so when his dog was lost and hadn't returned. He brought her home and then his dog showed up on his doorstep.  His original dog was not happy that he had moved on with another and Darla was soon back at Coachella shelter covered in bite marks. She is very sweet and very shy. She is being fostered by a member of TeamBRLA to give her some worldly experience. She was likely a backyard dog with little outside experience.  She is a sweet loving well behaved girl inside her home (and at BRLA).  She is still hesitant to go outside on walks.  She will need a very patient home AND another dog for sure to continue to build her confidence.  

**Note** We do not place females in a home that already has one in residence. 


  • Have adopted an adult Boxer before
  • Have a balanced dog at home to serve as her "therapy dog"
  • Understand the time it takes to build confidence in shy dogs
  • Have a private yard for her exclusive use
  • Be home more than not to engage her in life. 

  • Female
  • Youth 2 to 5 years
  • Fawn
  • I Like Select Dogs
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