Hi! My Name Is DAISY

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Daisy is a terrified little girl that was at the Lancaster shelter.  The first we saw of her was a completely shut down dog cowering in her enclosure shaking like a leaf. It took her weeks to let staff (and our BRLA volunteer who was visiting her) get close to try and help her. Finally she had a little breakthrough and came to BRLA. After giving her some time to feel safe we had a hunch that other dogs would be what Daisy connected to. And boy did she. To our delight she is quite the flirt and has a bouncy play bow. She still avoids being pet or touched by people but that will come in time, with patients and out of a kennel environment. It will take a very committed home to work with her building confidence. She is a tiny little thing and needs a big heart to help her feel safe and loved at home. Another dogs is a MUST to serve as her emotional support animal.  

** Note ** We do not adopt a female into a home that already has one in residence.


  • Have adopted and adult Boxer before
  • Have another well balanced dog at home
  • Have experience working with timid fearful dogs
  • Be home more than not to fully engage her in life. 
  • Have a private yard for her exclusive use

  • Female
  • Puppy 6 months - 2 years
  • Brindle
  • I Like All Dogs
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