BRLA Medical Fundraiser: Tonto/Frieda/Harvey & Harley

Please Help! Medical Fundraiser for: Tonto/Frienda/Harvey & Harley

We Need Your Help!

When it rains it pours and we just got a flood of serious and expensive medical cases. We take our fiscal responsibilities seriously and budget for annual medical costs. But when they come fast and furious and all at once, a budget can take a hit. Please help us with a donation of any amount to support these most recent and ongoing BRLA Medical Cases:

TONTO came from a home where he slept outside for 5 years, then to BRLA to find a real home. He came in skinny but even with extra feedings he wasn’t gaining weight and when his appetite declined he went to our vet for full work up. They found his kidneys were failing and he was admitted on the spot. Further testing found a mass on his cranial thorax inlet in front of the heart, and he is hyper calcemic. It was looking grim for Tonto but our vets continued to try different treatments. Tonto fought for his life. The calcium levels came down and he started eating. These small miracles may be a sign he will make it. Tonto is not out of the woods and is still on 24/7 vet care, but there is light shining through that give us hope that he will finally get to sleep in a home. Total cost (to date) for Tonto $5,2725 (he is still hospitalized)

FRIEDA is a baby girl that was tied up in a truck yard, until she was rescued and brought to BRLA. She went to the vet for wellness check and to get spayed, vaccinated, and chipped. It was routine, but routine became an emergency when staff found her cold and disoriented the morning after her spay. She was rushed back to the vet (with other Boxers to serve as blood donors) where her core temperature was 97 degrees and she was in total failure. They worked around the clock and she was hospitalized for days. It was touch and go but she pulled through but is still on anti-inflammatory medication. The cause of the emergency immune reaction is thought to be an allergic reaction either to an antibiotic or rabies given. Total cost for Frieda $4,025

HARVEY our stoic gentleman overcame his sadness of becoming a solo act. He quickly became a volunteer favorite with his kind and open heart. He started holding up his back leg which when x-rayed showed the need for an FHO surgery. Removing the femur head provides relief of the chronic pain. His full work up discovered more than his surgical need, his kidney levels were off the chart so medication and Rx diet were started. He also had a rare skin infection that required both oral and topical treatments. Harvey’s kidneys and infections are on the mend and his FHO surgery is on the books. Total cost for Harvey $ 3,825

HARLEY a young boy that tore out two back nails the day we pulled him from the Pomona shelter. No big thing, turned into a very big thing. Harley’s toe swelled to 4 times its size and a deep infection took over. The infection was resistant to antibiotics and entered his bones. The pads of his foot bled, and it took months of treatment to clear his system of pathogens. His toe is slowing decreasing in size. Total cost for Harley $3,260.00

Boxer Rescue LA is fully committed to helping these (and all our Boxers) get the care, treatment and love they deserve to ultimately become family members in a loving home of their own. We need your help! Your donation of any amount helps us help save these lives. Thank you!


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