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I am Brando’s foster mom I took him home in October 2014. He is such a sweet lovable pup and loves to play he would rather play than eat! Everyone who meets this guy falls in love with him because he is such a goof. If you get tired of playing with him he will often take a toy and go into another room and toss and play and growl at his toy…. he is so entertaining! He also gives the best hugs. He is calm in the home when your done playing just tell him to lay down. He is super smart and has been well trained. He has never had any accidents or chewed up anything…. he doesn’t even drink out of the toilet he is such a gentlemen. He will fallow you around from room to room he loves the company of his people. He is labeled “special needs” because of his fear of strangers and other dogs this is only seen when you have him out on a leash… you can see him start getting anxious and nervous. Otherwise he is good on a leash

I walk him when and where I will not run into to many people. BUT in the house he is a completely normal dog and does not show any of these traits. I have many friends coming in and out of the home and he is great…. everyone loves him and he loves them. He is the happiest dog I have ever had in my home. He is such a pleasure to come home to he greets you at the door with those big brown eyes full of love and that little stub tail just wiggling away! This guy has such a big happy heart and deserves to find a forever home and family to love him. I took him in as a foster mom and did not adopt him because I knew there was a possibility in the future I would need to start traveling and now that is the case. If I could I would keep this guy forever!!! It breaks my heart the idea of him going back in the kennel because he most likely will shut down again, curl up in a ball stop responding or eating as he has before. Brando has enough love to give no need for another dog in the home he is a one man show! Take a look at his video and imagine how fun it would be to have him as your pup… you will not be disappointed he is a very special boy!


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